David Gunn specializes in appeals. For the past three decades, he has done nothing but handle appeals, in both state and federal court, and on both sides of the docket.

Although appeals once revolved around attorney oratory, today’s appellate courts do most of their work on the basis of written briefs, and a typical appellate judge has to read hundreds of those briefs every year. So David writes briefs that the reader will find both interesting and easy to follow.

Since arguing his first appeal in 1990, he has worked on briefs in hundreds of appeals and orally argued scores of them (arguing more than 25 times in the Texas Supreme Court).  He has argued appeals as far east as Washington, D.C. and as far west as Denver, but most of his work takes place in the Fifth Circuit or in the Texas appellate courts.  The subject matter of his work runs the spectrum of civil litigation – from oil and gas law to personal injury law to the law governing lawyers.