Case study

Defense Victory for Philip Morris on Fraud and Conspiracy

June 4, 2013 Case Study

Giddens v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Philip Morris USA, Inc.

Beck Redden represented Philip Morris in a federal Engle-progeny case in the Middle District of Florida. Roger Giddens’s son filed a suit for compensatory and punitive damages against two cigarette manufacturers, claiming his father died from a smoking-related illness. Kat Gallagher led a trial team of attorneys from four renowned law firms to defend Philip Morris against Plaintiff’s negligence, strict liability, fraud, and conspiracy claims.

After two weeks of trial, the jury returned a verdict for the Defendants on the fraud and conspiracy charges, and found that Philip Morris was only 7% at fault for the negligence and strict liability claims.  As such, Beck Redden’s client was liable for a total of $5,600 in damages.

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