Case study

Big Verdict in Wrongful Death Action

February 18, 2014 Case Study

Aguilar v. Heckmann Water Resources, Inc.

A Dimmit County jury awarded the family of Carlos Aguilar over two hundred million in damages, exclusive of pre-and post-judgment interest. Mr. Aguilar was killed on May 29, 2012, when a drive shaft assembly detached from the Defendant’s 18-wheeler rig and crashed through the windshield of Mr. Aguilar’s vehicle. Plaintiffs claimed that Defendant, who owns and operates an oil field services company in the Eagle Ford Shale play, was negligent and grossly negligent in failing to properly maintain and inspect its 18-wheeler. Ronald Rodriguez of Laredo and Craig Smith of Corpus Christi, along with Beck Redden attorney Curt Webb, represented five of Mr. Aguilar’s minor children. Co-Plaintiffs included Mr. Aguilar’s wife, parents, and two other minor children, who were represented by Gene Hagood of Alvin and Luis Castillo and John Solis of Laredo.

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