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While the patient-facing side of the healthcare industry focuses on providing the best possible patient care, those in the business of healthcare face a maze of complex regulatory, legal, and business issues in a highly competitive marketplace. Beck Redden’s Healthcare Litigation practice provides the industry-specific experience our clients need in order to remain focused on their core mission: helping patients get better.

Hospital systems, providers, institutions, vendors, and service suppliers rely on Beck Redden to represent them in a variety of complex matters. Whether fighting for fair reimbursement for their services, managing grievances with doctors or patients, or navigating other business issues, healthcare disputes are both fierce and complicated.

The state of the healthcare industry makes litigation nearly unavoidable. Every component of what makes a large healthcare system run – from doctors and staffing, to insurance, to high-tech equipment – is expensive. Ambiguities in reimbursement provisions, convoluted pricing standards, and ever-changing regulations all contribute to confusion, risk exposure, and conflict.

Our Healthcare Litigation practice helps clients by:
  • Managing high-stakes business disputes involving hospitals, insurers, agents, and doctors
  • Proving, when challenged, that that our clients have reasonably and responsibly navigated the applicable statutory and legal standards in administering care
  • Protecting the use of statutory hospital liens
  • Bringing deep understanding of the reimbursement process, including eligibility standards and appropriate compensation for services and procedures
  • Defending against charges related to antitrust and unfair competition, defamation, and other competitive and territorial disputes
  • Navigating non-compete agreements with doctors and providers, and the limitations and restrictions that may apply
  • Responding to subpoenas directed to our clients
  • Managing large multi-district litigation (MDL)
  • Ensuring the proper application of “prompt pay” statutes, requiring reimbursement of providers within a reasonable window of time after services to a patient have been provided
  • Trying cases in court before a jury

Only the most contentious and complex healthcare cases go to trial. For those that do, our clients are well-served by our ability to help the jury understand what it takes for providers to keep their doors open in service to their communities. Juries are sometimes surprised by the the harshness of the business side of healthcare, and Beck Redden lawyers understand that success in the courtroom requires arguing with the kind of soft touch and clarity that only come with years of experience.

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