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Insurance Coverage Litigation


When insurance companies attempt to dodge their obligation to pay out claims, Beck Redden’s Insurance Coverage practice brings them back to the table until a satisfactory outcome can be secured for our clients.

Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses, and individuals pursuing insurance coverage for a wide variety of claims choose Beck Redden to help them overcome standoffs with insurers involving significant sums. We also assist plaintiff lawyers on how to best structure their claims to pursue insurance coverage from the defendants they are attempting to sue. From either side of the docket, for one-time or institutional clients, we steer cases back towards coverage and seek to hold insurers accountable for the benefits they promised.

Natural disasters and other unplanned catastrophic events can bring about massive waves of claims, quickly tax insurance companies’ ability (and willingness) to respond. Beck Redden is a valuable ally in this scenario, maintaining the lines of communication and points of pressure needed to stay on a path to resolution.

Our Insurance Coverage practice helps clients by:
  • Overcoming denials of coverage, whether it be related to general liability, property and casualty, environmental liability, professional liability, directors and officers liability, or business interruption
  • Representing energy industry clients in a wide variety of matters with insurance-related components, such as oil field accidents, property damage from blowouts, and pipeline construction failures
  • Directing litigation back into the scope of coverage, maintaining the prospects for meaningful remedy
  • Scrutinizing process, procedure, and violations of statute to invalidate denials of coverage
  • Arguing the facts persuasively and creatively to overcome ambiguous exclusions
  • Escalating pressure on insurance companies until the threat of trial presents an unacceptable level of risk
  • Trying insurance cases in court

It’s no secret that insurance companies are extremely crafty in how they draft policy language, seeking the broadest exclusions across the widest range of circumstances. Beating them at their own game requires a unique combination of technical acumen and creative interpretation, and our lawyers are adept at making plausible arguments to overcome exclusions, highlight illusory coverage, and demonstrate overreach. If an insurance company has left an uncrossed ‘T’ in a policy or procedure, we will find it and use it to our client’s advantage.

Ratcheting up the pressure on insurers is the fact that Beck Redden isn’t an “insurance law firm” as much as a trial law firm with a deep understanding of insurance. Insurance companies are great calculators of risk, and our presence on the opposing side ratchets up that risk significantly.

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