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Catastrophic Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Litigation


Catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death litigation requires competence and experience in several disciplines. For both plaintiff and defense side matters, companies, individuals, and other law firms choose Beck Redden for their most challenging and complex matters.

Catastrophic personal injury law operates within an ever-evolving legal landscape. Tort reform legislation, shifting judicial philosophies tied to electoral cycles, and the constant advent of novel insurance provisions must be understood and factored into the context of every case. Beck Redden is at the cutting edge of this legal discipline, with numerous precedent-setting victories to its credit.

On the defense side, our practice delivers results in the following ways:
  • Leveraging industry-specific expertise
  • Developing a comprehensive strategy to address overlapping complexities, such as insurance coverage, bankruptcy proceedings, and workers’ compensation regimes
  • Advising clients on insurance coverage issues and positioning the policy holder to secure appropriate payment of defense costs, settlements, and judgments
  • Bringing the firm’s full complement of resources to bear in order to manage events of significant scope, including ones that may threaten the future of a client’s business
  • Trying cases intelligently to secure the best possible outcome
  • Strategically preserving error with an eye towards potential appeals
On the plaintiff side, our practice delivers results in the following ways:
  • Crafting factual and legal strategies, navigating complex jury charge issues, and responding to dispositive motions
  • Identifying potential “case killer” weaknesses and developing strategies to counter them
  • Positioning the plaintiff to maximize insurance coverage and, consequently, the amount of money available to satisfy a settlement or judgment
  • Managing related litigation in multiple jurisdictions
  • Skillfully trying the case to win, with careful consideration of the appellate strategy
  • Ultimately handling the appeal at intermediate appellate courts and, if necessary, the Supreme Court

Early mistakes can cause even the most promising case to fall apart. Applying the right pressure in the right place at the right time leads to better results for clients on either of the docket. Beck Redden’s unique combination of trial and appellate experience makes for a team of lawyers who can deliver results, no matter how long or difficult the fight.


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