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Amplifying the Importance of Human Interaction

First published by DRI's The Voice

July 29, 2020


In less than two weeks, I will celebrate the 28th anniversary of my joining my law firm. Twenty-eight years of going to the same office, having lunch in the same lunchroom, and visiting the same food court to pick up lunch. Twenty-eight years of walking the same halls, seeing the same faces, and interacting with the same people. It may seem rather routine, and even sort of humdrum, but over the past four months I had no idea how much I would miss it.

I, like you, began the COVID-19 quarantine by working from home. This seemed great at first, but I quickly came to realize how much I missed my routine, and more importantly missed the office and all in it. One positive outcome of working from home is that I actually embraced it and determined that I could truly work from home on a longer-term basis. My two twenty-something children surely considered me a dinosaur when it came to technology and my reluctance to work remotely. The COVID-19 quarantine forced me to step into the next century of technological advances and to embrace technology as a means of trying to replace even a small part of a “normal” work life, including the daily interactions with those who are a part of that life.

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