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Beck Redden Partner Participates in Televised Panel on Evaluating Judicial Candidates

October 13, 2016


Beck Redden Partner and Houston Bar Association (HBA) President-Elect, Alistair Dawson, recently participated in a televised panel discussion titled Demystifying the Judicial Races.  Houston Media Source published the video on their YouTube channel (link below).

Mr. Dawson served as the subject matter expert on the HBA Judicial Poll and discussed the poll’s methodology, how the information is collected, what the numbers mean, and where Harris County voters can find the poll details.

Additional topics highlighted included the following:

  • Different types of courts that are on the ballot in Harris County, what each of them does and the kinds of cases they handle
  • Various qualifications voters should be looking for in good candidates for each of the different courts
  • Resources for learning more about the candidates on the ballot for each of the judiciary races.
  • AWA methodology for vetting judicial candidates, and where Harris County voters can find information from AWA on the candidates
  • The League of Women Voters Voter’s Guide
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