Case study

Appellate Victory in Multi-Million Dollar Platform Case

March 26, 2015 Case Study

Prime Natural Resources, Inc. v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s

On March 26, 2015, Beck Redden won a multi-million dollar appeal involving an offshore oil platform.

The dispute arose after Hurricane Rita damaged an offshore platform, well, and pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico in September 2005. The platform owner had bought insurance for certain kinds of risks related to the platform, well, and pipeline. The insurers paid several million dollars under the policies, but the owner wanted several million dollars more based on its interpretation of the policy. The trial court refused to expand coverage beyond what was stated in the policies and granted summary judgment in the insurers’ favor. The First Court of Appeals affirmed. Justice Terry Jennings wrote the opinion, which was joined by Justice Harvey Brown.

Beck Redden appellate lawyers David M. Gunn and Erin H. Huber worked on the appeal. They did so in collaboration with trial counsel from Hall Maines Lugrin, P.C.: Clif Hall, Bill Maines, and Allyson Wilkinson.

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