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Oral Argument Statistics in the Houston Courts of Appeals


April 5, 2024


Conventional wisdom in the appellate community is that oral argument numbers have declined since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Office of Court Administration does not publish the precise numbers of oral arguments that each intermediate court of appeals holds every year, so data on this issue is scarce.

This article publishes some data that the Clerk of the First and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals graciously provided and publicly available data regarding the Texas Supreme Court.

Texas Supreme Court.

Again, the Office of Court Administration does not publish the number of oral arguments that the Texas Supreme Court holds. It does note, however, that “[m]ost regular causes are set for oral argument in open court and are reported in written opinions. However, a petition may be granted and an unsigned opinion (per curiam) issued without oral argument if at least six members of the court vote accordingly.” OFFICE OF COURT ADMIN., ANNUAL STATISTICAL REPORT FOR THE TEXAS JUDICIARY (FY2022) 112 (2022),

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