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Project TRAIN Recognized by State Bar of Texas

June 5, 2018

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Initiative of Beck Redden Partner and 2017-2018 HBA President Alistair Dawson

One of the initiatives of Beck Redden Partner and 2017-2018 Houston Bar Association (HBA) President Alistair Dawson is Project TRAIN. Through this program, the HBA created educational and training materials for the employment of special needs individuals that have been distributed to 23 law firms and corporations that also are members of Project TRAIN. These offices are in the process of interviewing and hiring special needs people through the program.

A new Project TRAIN video, please click here to view, illustrates how special needs employees can make a profound, positive difference at firms and companies who are fortunate enough to hire a special person.

Additionally, the State Bar of Texas has announced that Project TRAIN will receive a Star of Achievement Award as an outstanding bar project at the State Bar Annual Meeting scheduled for June 21-22 in Houston.

If your law firm or office is interested in learning more about Project TRAIN, contact Alistair Dawson at (713) 951-6225 or

Alistair B. Dawson 713.951.6225