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57th Academy of American and International Law

legal ethics and professional responsibility

June 30, 2022


On June 30, 2022, Beck Redden lawyer Geoff Gannaway presented “Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility” at The Center for American and International Law’s 57th Academy of American and International Law. The Panel discussed the different roles played by lawyers – advisor, negotiator, mediator, and advocate. Particular attention given to the U.S. adversarial legal system and differences between that system and the legal traditions of other countries. The course considered duties to clients, the courts, the government, adverse parties, opposing lawyers, and the overall legal system.

The Southwestern Institute for International and Comparative Law’s premier event is the Academy of American and International Law. The Academy is an activity-packed program designed for lawyers from outside the United States and focuses on U.S. law and international business transactions. Participants from more than 20 countries study and socialize together, learning from an impressive faculty and from each other.

Academy Highlights:

  • The five-week business law program is designed for non-U.S. residents.  The practical curriculum includes both skills training and substantive law subjects.
  • The Academy has more than 3,300 alumni from 121 countries.  Past participants have become President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Prime Minister of Peru, Chief Justice of the Philippines, Chief Justice of Italy’s Court of Cassation and much more.
  • The faculty is extraordinary.  It includes the Editor in Chief of Black’s Law Dictionary, and world-class experts on such subjects as international business transactions, business organizations, negotiation skills, arbitration and dispute resolution, and international tax.
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