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As trial lawyers, we regularly handle cases on both sides of the docket. And when our clients need to pursue claims for relief, Beck Redden stands ready and able to provide the skilled advocacy needed to ensure their case is well positioned for a favorable outcome from the filing of the complaint through trial or arbitration and the conclusion of any appeal. We have successfully handled plaintiff’s cases in a wide variety of venues across the United States and abroad.

Beck Redden represents a wide variety of plaintiffs from large corporations to small businesses and individuals in all manner of disputes. We have successfully handled antitrust cases between tech giants; oil and gas royalty disputes on behalf of individuals; will contests over improper distribution of family fortunes; intellectual property and theft of trade secrets claims; and many others. Our experienced trial lawyers are well positioned to strategically develop and effectively try the dispute in court or arbitration. And our topflight appellate lawyers work seamlessly with the trial team, to help ensure our hard fought victories are not lost on appeal.

“As a former major crimes prosecutor in Los Angeles and a very experienced trial attorney myself, I was fortunate to be referred to Fields Alexander and Beck Redden by a fellow attorney when I had a personal issue arise in the Houston area. The referring attorney had been adverse to Fields in a prior case who was extremely impressed with Fields’s ability, and a referral from a party opponent is the highest possible compliment in my mind. I was extremely impressed with Fields’s ability throughout. Even though we had an uphill battle, in a court in the opposing attorneys’ hometown, we won and ran the table on the verdict.”

– Michael M. Brewer, Criminal Justice Attorney, The Brewer Law Firm

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